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Area C Lab: Networks and services


  • Full equipped laboratory facilities for base band and radio frequency activities in IoT wireless solutions, including SDR equipment, high resolution oscilloscopes up to 6 GHz, accurate power analyzers, spectrum analyzers up to 6 GHz, network analyzers, signal generators and power source devices. They also count with facilities for PCB development, and with high performance CPU equipment that can be used for simulation studies. Also including an IoT testbed for the analysis of complex IoT wireless networks that allows the capacity of device mobility.
  • Platform that provides virtual resources and services, formed by two clouds based on Openstack, SDN-NFV and slicing frameworks. On the hardware side, services run over 90 CPU, 800 GB of memory Ram, and 16.7 TB of storage connected with a high speed broadband network.

  • A laboratory infrastructure scenario, based on both real and virtualized elements, aimed at emulating the management of intelligent systems in a cloud continuum context, particularly deployed on a smart city scenario. From a topological point of view, the testbed has an approximate size of 25 square meters and includes traffic lights, buildings, cars, a drawbridge, streetlights, parking spots, etc., all endowed with the computing capacity to contribute to the overall management. From a software perspective, the different Smart elements run the F2C management suite deployed by CCABA to optimize a distributed service execution in the complete cloud continuum.

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