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Gender aspects

One of the goals of CCABA is to introduce researchers into ethics in research, data protection according to GDPR, gender awareness and gender dimension in research content. The CCABA guarantees gender equality, and whenever possible, an equal participation of men and women through the Training Committee, in charge of the recruitment. In its composition, it has at least 40% of representatives of each gender. Gender balance measures are applied in the selection process, aiming at covering both gender awareness in research and gender dimension in research content. The Training Committee ensures: i) strict adherence to the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, ii) equal opportunities for men, women and underrepresented minority ethnic candidates in science and engineering, including refugees.
In case of candidates with equal merits, priority is given to those that help to achieve a better gender balance. To foster applications from female researchers, advertisements are posted in women science groups as the European platform for women scientists. During the selection process, in case of candidates with equal or equivalent qualifications and competences, priority is given to those candidates that assure a better gender balance of selected researchers. Absolutely no discrimination is made based on gender, nationality, or religious beliefs for the candidates. In all cases, the recruited PhD will abide by Spanish national and EU legislation rules.