UPC-CBA is part of the Archipelago measurement infrastructure. The primary goals of Archipelago (Ark) are to achieve greater scalability and flexibility than our current measurement infrastructure and to provide a step toward a community-oriented measurement infrastructure by eventually allowing collaborators to run their vetted measurement tasks on a security-hardened distributed platform. Ark is tailored specifically for network measurement, which allows it to be simpler and to more directly address the needs of network researchers than is usually the case with a general-purpose distributed experimental platform. The initial and primary focus of Ark is to continue the large-scale traceroute-based active measurements of the skitter infrastructure. In both role and implementation, Ark subsumes the skitter infrastructure and represents a natural evolution. Ark will evolve from the skitter infrastructure by a gradual process in which pieces of the former infrastructure are extended, enhanced, and/or replaced.

Since November 2006

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