COST 266: Advanced Infrastructure for Photonic Networks

The primary objective of the Action is to devise possible architectures for the next generation of high capacity optical transport and also access networks. The target architecture should
o provide virtually unlimited end-to-end bandwidth regardless of distance enabling instant movement of huge amounts of data for applications,
o enable efficient and simple multicasting and broadcasting of broadband signals,
o be flexible and agile in order to accommodate abrupt and unpredictable traffic surges and to react instantaneously when failures occur, allowing seamless and errorless transmission of large data blocks,
o be transparent to all sorts of digital signals and protocols so that it would enable to accommodate a number of network types and services simultaneously or in succession deployed over time,
o trade bandwidth for simplicity to alleviate the complexity problem in the communication networks resulting mainly from the ever increasing amount of software residing in the networks that raises costs and lowers reliability of the networks.


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