CARISMA: Conexión y acceso a RedIRIS2 mediante anillo óptico multicanal

The key goal of the project is to design and implement an intelligent and dynamic DWDM switching all-optical network architecture. This network will be able to provide Bandwidth/Wavelength on Demand with QoS between the different nodes and the IP clients. The network architecture is based on the ASON (Automatically Switching Optical Networks) standard, with intelligent optical cross-connect (OXC) for routing and switching, and optical add-drop nodes. The optical devices will integrate tunable lasers, controlled initially by the Network Manager and later dynamically by the control plane. Thus, the control plane of the network, responsible for setting up, releasing and restoring a connection will be developed under the policies of the GMPLS. The management plane, initially used for establishing the connections and for monitoring all the network topology and equipment status will be implemented with the HP Openview management software.

36 (12/12/2001 - 12/12/2004)

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