COPERNIC: Redes Convergentes y Omnipresentes (Pervasive and Convergent Networking)

Internet, considered as a system, has experienced an unforeseen growth and many local solutions (new applications and protocols and protocol enhancements) have been added. Each solution or protocol intends to solve a problem but independently of other enhancements and protocols. Each of the technologies has been designed as a standalone process not taking into account the inter-dependencies with other ones. Thus, despite the system is flexible enough scalability and performance issues are pushing it to its limits. The main goal of this project is to contribute in the design of technologies for a converged and pervasive Internet. The project aims to push new services and protocols into the network considering them as coupled processes. To do that, we will take into consideration four of the most relevant aspects that are currently of interest of the research community in this field. These are the optical transport, the ubiquitous connectivity, the application of a traffic analysis and monitoring techniques for the management and control of the network, and the security of communications. In order to address these aspects the project is structured in the following research activities: Architectures for the Pervasive Networking, Traffic monitoring and analysis, Converged Optical Networking Infrastructure, and Digital Identity and Electronic Signature, which coincide with of the different subareas of expertise of the Broadband Communication Systems research group that traditionally have exploited participating in separated projects. In this way, an additional benefit of the project will be the integration of these subareas increasing the consistence of the group.

12 months

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