LONG: Laboratories Over Next Generation Networks

LONG aims to foresee and solve problems related to the design, configuration and deployment of Next Generation Telecommunication networks specially when new services and applications are carried out across them.
The new version of the IP protocol, IPv6, will become an integral part of these Next Generation networks. In addition to this, the proliferation of new high bandwidth and asymmetric access technologies, like ADSL and CATV, will also shape the network design of these Next Generation Networks. On the other side, applications must be aware of the advanced services provided by the networks and protocols, and must take into account the impact of the underlying network. LONG aims at gaining an in-depth knowledge in the design and deployment of IPv4/IPv6 transition scenarios, as well as in the operational inter-working when heterogeneous access (ADSL, CATV, ISDN) and transport (IP/ATM, IP/SDH, IP/WDM) technologies are in place. The integration of IPv6 with advanced network services will be validated in LONG.
On the other hand, LONG focuses on extending the framework of applications, so that they benefit from the services provided by these Next Generation networks. In order to achieve these goals, LONG faces the following objectives:
To deploy a Next Generation testbed.
To adapt and validate a representative set of applications to the Next Generation Network scenarios.
To perform trials and experiments.
To develop guidelines for migration of networks and applications and disseminate results.

1/12/2000 – 31/1/2003

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