STRONGEST: Scalable, Tunable and Resilient Optical Networks Guaranteeing Extremely-high Speed Transport

STRONGEST’s main goal is to design and demonstrate an evolutionary ultra-high capacity multilayer transport network, based on optimized integration of Optical and Packet nodes, and equipped with a multi-domain, multi-technology control plane, overcoming the problems of current networks that still provide limited scalability, are not cost-effective and do not properly guarantee end-to-end quality of service. STRONGEST is an industry led project; the consortium brings together major European industrial players, leading Telecom operators, Universities and Research Centres and as such, it enables the necessary synergies and creates an ideal environment for innovation and development. The European scale of the project is made necessary by the development of a new reality in which countries and federations are immensely and inextricably linked. To have a common view at European level is essential to apply the project’s outcomes. A major impact from STRONGEST will be to strengthen the position of European industry in the field of Future Internet and to reinforce European leadership in optical networks technologies. The design of a more efficient transport network with reduced cost per bit and the particular attention to energy efficiency will turn into benefit to the entire Community.

36 months

Contract number
INFSO-ICT 247674

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