FEDERICA: Federated E-infrastructure Dedicated to European Researchers Innovating in Computing network Architectures

FEDERICA is a two-and-a-half-year European project to implement an experimental network infrastructure for trialling new networking technologies. This infrastructure is intended to be agnostic as to the type of protocols, services and applications that may be trialled, whilst allowing disruptive experiments to be undertaken. The aim is to develop mechanisms that will allow such experiments to be run over existing production networks without adverse effect.
The FEDERICA project supports research experiments on new Internet architectures and protocols by:
- Develop a versatile technology-agnostic network infrastructure that can run over existing production networks such as GÉANT2 and national academic networks. The aim being to allow innovative and/or disruptive technologies to be trialled.
- Develop solutions for allocating, controlling and managing virtualised network resources in a multi-domain infrastructure. This will include the FEDERICA Toolbench software.
- Identify users and researchers who may wish to take advantage of the FEDERICA infrastructure, and understand their needs and requirements. This includes liaising with other EC projects and research activities.
- Provide training and support to users of the FEDERICA infrastructure and tools.
- Contribute to standardisation activities.
- Disseminate the results of the project to NRENs, universities, research institutes, and other relevant initiatives.

1/1/2008 - 30/6/2010

Consortium GARR (Italy); CESNET (Czech Republic); DANTE (based in UK); DFN (Germany); FCCN (Portugal); GRNET (Greece); HEAnet (Ireland); HUNGARNET (Hungary); Fundació i2CAT (Spain); ICCS (Greece); Juniper Networks (USA); KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden); Martel Consulting (Switzerland); NORDUnet (based in Denmark); Politecnico di Torino (Italy); PSNC (Poland); (Spain); Siemens AG; SWITCH (Switzerland); TERENA (based in Netherlands); UPC (Spain).

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