SMARTxAC: Sistema de Monitorització i Anàlisi de Tràfic per a l'Anella Científica

SMARTxAC is a project carried out under a collaboration agreement between the Advanced Broadband Communications Center (CCABA) of the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC) and the Supercomputing Center of Catalonia (CESCA).
SMARTxAC aims to develop and deploy a passive measurement infrastructure and a real-time analysis system for high-speed links. Currently, SMARTxAC is being used for capturing and analyzing the traffic of the Anella Científica (Scientific Ring). The Anella Científica is the name of the Catalan R&D Network, which is managed by CESCA and connects about 50 Universities and Research Centers in Catalonia.
The tapped link is built from a pair of GigE links (one for each traffic direction) that connect the Anella Científica to RedIRIS (Spanish R&D network) and to the global Internet. Current traffic volume on this link is about 600 Mbps and it is increasing day after day, so that data collection is facilitated by an Endace DAG 4.3GE measurement card. Full-traffic analysis at full-line rate is performed in real-time using the SMARTxAC analysis software developed at the Advanced Broadband Communications Center (CCABA) of the UPC.
A three hours GPS-synchronized and anonymized IP header trace was captured for the NLANR/PMA project in February 2004 using the capture point and collection platform in the Anella Científica. This data set was published and can be downloaded at CESCA-I section of NLANR/PMA website.

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