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DAVID: Data and Voice Integration over DWDM

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DAVID: Data and Voice Integration over DWDM

Main objective is to propose a Packet-over-WDM network solution, including traffic properties and management, based on optical packets and asynchronous transmission over metro and backbone distances. The project will capitalise on both optics and electronics to find out the optimum combination to reach multi-Tb/s capacity. To cope with the on-going convergence in the transport of voice, data and multimedia applications, the project will also define several classes of service, adapted to optical layer specifics. On the metro side, the project will consider a buffer-less network using a medium access control protocol. The backbone will be based on 10 Tb/s multi-layer (wavelength and packet) opto-electronic medium access control protocol with opto-electronic packet routers, incorporating core and edge functions. Finally, the project will demonstrate highly integrated optical and electronic devices, included in a sub-equipped experimental platform. Work description: A first task will be to tackle the network issues: - Define network requirements and functional specifications of the network elements; - identify a migration path from short-term approaches; - Carry out traffic studies to analyse IP traffic behaviour when transported over WDM, and propose optimised buffering schemes, access control protocols and routing algorithms taking into account a multi-QoS environment; - Investigate network management issues, such as interoperability between packet and WDM levels. A second task will be to investigate and implement the required network elements: - A network testbed will be implemented with its associated access control protocol to show a buffer-less multi-QoS optical packet metro network of capacity beyond 1Tb/s (2.5Gb/s line-rate); - A 10-Tb/s opto-electronic optical packet router (2.5/10Gb/s line-rate) incorporating gateway functions between metro and backbone will be implemented using a two-layer (wavelength and packet) approach; A third task will be to provide the required advanced components: - Fast and highly integrated optical space and wavelength switching modules, based on semiconductor optical amplifiers (up to 32 gates per module), and incorporating adapted high-speed electronic drivers; - electronics for clock recovery, buffering, and switching will be developed, based on SiGe and III/V technologies. Milestones: - Functional definition and migration path of optical-packet-over-WDM scenario - Analysis of traffic models and logical network performance; - Info-model of packet/WDM management; - Test-bed including metro network, optical packet router and interfaces to IP - New architectures and routing techniques, 40Gb/s studies; - Optical switch modules (32 gates); - Electronics for signal processing.

1/7/2000 - 30/6/2003

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